5-Steps To The Perfect, High-Converting Landing Page

5-Steps To The Perfect, High-Converting Landing Page

You may be happy with your website and social media presence, but if you are still struggling to convert potential clients or grow your database with qualified leads, then there is one crucial solution you missed – The landing page! If you don't know what it is and why your business needs it - read our blog on What is a Sales Funnel & Why your Business Needs One to Succeed.

Did you know? Websites have an average conversion rate of 1.87%. Why? Well, websites tend not to have a specific jaw-dropping offer & psychological triggers that make people take action. Even the best of websites are lucky to have a conversion rate of over 4%. Website are busy and there are loads of distractions that will take away your viewers’ attention,

So by removing or limiting extra navigation that a website offers, and by keeping the offer & method of first-contact simple; Landing pages can receive on average conversion rates of 15-30%. This rate can easily be improved further to a 30-50% conversion rate by following the New Age Explorer-certified 5 easy steps below, to create the perfect landing page that will drive potential customers to take action, thus increasing your monthly sales.

Before we start, you need to ask yourself 4 important questions:

  1. Who is your ideal customer?

Demographics        (Age, gender, location, occupation, etc.),

Psychographics      (Goals, values, wants, needs, passions, fears, drivers, heroes, etc.)

Influencers   (Books, magazines, websites & blogs, trade shows, experts, etc.)


  1. What can you give them that they can’t get anywhere else? What problem am I solving and is it benefits-driven?

What is our unique selling point, what’s a jaw-dropping no brainer offer, and how is this specific and unique solution solving our ideal customers emotional pain-points & problems.


  1. What do you want them to do on your landing page?

Call-to-Action – kept simple.


  1. Why should they do it?

Incentive + psychological triggers


Step #1: The  "Jaw Dropping" Offer

Your landing page has no chance if your offer sucks. If you are asking people to sign up to your newsletter with no incentive, you can expect a similar conversion rate to a website of 1-3%.

Make sure the offer is clear and simple: By doing _________ (Call-to-action) you receive a FREE ________ (Incentive + psychological triggers)

Amazing offers are ones that are no-brainers, showcase your unique selling point and can’t be competed against by your competitors.

To take your jaw-dropping offer to the next level, add psychological triggers like Time, scarcity and basing the offer on fear or needs of your ideal customers.

The 20-page Ultimate 6-Step Digital Marketing Lead Generation Road Map to 10X ROI in 90 days or less by New Age Explorer (2019)

Step #2: The Headline, Subheading & Bullet Points

The headline is your first touch point. The heading is what hooks us into staying on the page and engaging with the call-to-action. The headline is supposed to let your viewer know exactly what ‘no-brainer’ jaw-dropping offer is at hand, and why it's beneficial for them to grab it right now.

It needs to be kept simple, specific, benefits-driven (By giving us ‘this’ information or taking ‘this’ action you receive ______ ) and attention-grabbing from the get-go. Try including a specific, compelling and surprising number (10X-ing anything almost always concludes results – it seems almost too good to be true, so it triggers curiosity. Or, Find out how we increased our sales by 7.673% in 90 days – it's so specific that it must be real and trigger curiosity).

While the headline captures their attention, the subheading holds their attention, by describing the value of the offer, to lead them to take action. So, if you’re giving away an email course, how much is it worth? If you’re offering a discount, what is the average amount they’ll save? If you’re giving away consulting sessions, describe how much you’d normally charge for this.

Make sure they understand the value of the offer: What the offer is and how it will benefit them (How many pages of an ebook, how many hours of a webinar, how much % off of a product) and what they should do next.

Make the copy benefits-driven for your ideal customers biggest pain-points. Make it personal and relatable: Reel them in by providing a problematic scenario that they relate to and that your offer can solve, and showcase the results they can expect and/or the pain-points that can be solved. This can be done through a short paragraph or bullet points.

Entice them with the call-to-action: Tell them what they need to do (Make it simple, explicit and effective) to receive the benefit of your amazing offer! “Enter your email address and click the button below to get your FREE_____”.

Step #3: The Content

We’re sure you have heard the phrase, “content is king’? Well, there has never been more truth to that statement than now. It's extremely important that you have at least one supporting piece of content; preferably a video. The content also needs to suit the brand identity of your business and be tangible to your ideal customer so that they can visualise it in their life.

Keep the background simple colours and minimalistic. Make sure images/video’s used are of isolated subjects, can capture the attention of the visitor, make them visualize your offer. If video is out of the question then make sure you add an image of someone who represents your ideal customer. Find an image that shows their emotions & pain points before your solution, or find an image that shows their emotions & pain points after they’ve been solved by your solution. It’s also extremely beneficial if it can draw the eye to your call of action.

The call to action must stand out like a sore thumb. It must pop off the page. Often the button of the call to action should be the first thing your visitor's eye is drawn to; due to its placement and with the use of an action colour.

Social proof content is highly recommended and goes a long way too! The internet is filled with scams, so consumers have built up a natural guard of scepticism. However, this can easily be broken by having supporting proof elements such as happy testimonials, customer logos or certification badges that help provide a sense of trust, credibility & reputations.

Another thing to consider is matching the content & headlines on your landing page the visitor's previous source. While landing pages capture & distribute the information, it is ads, emails and other forms of marketing that drive the traffic to the page. Whether a visitor comes from a PPC Google ad, display banner ad, email, social media, influencer, facebook ad or call-to-action from another source, ensure the messaging matches throughout the entire conversion path. Whatever your ad says, make sure your landing page says the exact same thing – or at least extremely similar.


Step #4: The Call-to-Action & Lead Form

Only ask for what you REALLY need! Don’t ask them for their life story; stay away from sensitive and/or confidential information. The more fields you have (the more information you need and/or ass for), the lower your conversion rate will be, but the more qualified your customers will be.

Your form & call-to-action is your bread & butter. While the copywriting & content are crucial to get someone attention & sell them on the offer. It’s the call to action that entices them to take action & it’s the integrated form that moves the lead into your CRM to be nurtured & via automated emails. For more information on how to Set Up your Automated email series, read our blog on The 5 Essential Emails you Need in your Automated Nurturing Series.

For the call-to-action, use language that will entice people to take action. Keep it simple, specific and benefits driven – and say it from their perspective.

  • I want ______
    • 10X conversions
    • 20% more traffic
    • to double my email list
    • to Download the FREE ebook
    • to get a FREE evaluation
    • to see the case study
    • get strategy template
    • to download the FREE top 10 youtube checklist
    • To get a FREE “Download Now,” “Get your Free Evaluation,” or “Join our Mailing List.”


Step #5: Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

Landing pages are great but if they aren’t working, then you need to look at optimising it. So, make changes to the offer, try to send it to a different audience, test the colour of the buttons, use different content and/or call to actions.

There’s no right and wrong & there’s no 100% formula. The digital marketing industry especially has a lot of red tape and grey area. You have to go out there, be creative, test your offerings & optimise based on the results.


So just to Recap:

  • Did you create an irresistible & easy-to-understand offer for your landing page?
    • Is it something that your target audience actually wants?
    • Would you pass up your email address for your offer?
  • Did you create a compelling headline?
    • Is your headline attention-grabbing: simple, specific & benefits-driven?
    • Did you include numbers and figures?
  • Did you write a strong subheading?
    • Did you describe the value of your offer?
    • Did you make the offer relatable?
    • Did you entice the call-to-action in order to receive the offer?
  • Did you include purposeful content on your landing page?
    • Did you make your digital product offer more tangible with an image?
    • Optional: Did you include social proof in your images?
    • Is the button an actionable colour and eye-catching?
  • Is your call to action enticing?
    • Is your button copy benefits-driven?
    • Did you use “I want”, “get” or “download” in your button copy?

If you have checked all the above boxes and have all your marketing ducks in a row, then with some clever optimisations and tweaking of campaigns you can start receiving up to 10X Return on Investment! Don't believe us? Read our blog 5 Ways Lead Generation can Help Scale & Grow your Business to 10X ROI in 2022.

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