About Us - Who Is New Age Explorer & Why Choose Us?

With over R18.7 Million in Online Advertising Spend under our belt; working with over 137 different companies across 23 industries in over 5 different contents across the globe...

New Age Explorer is a bottom-line focused, full service, digital marketing agency from South Africa that specialises in online advertising for both service based companies needing lead generation & E-commerce stores needing online sales.
Our purpose is to equip businesses of all sizes with the infrastructure they need to engage new customers, communicate their brand story effectively and deliver their promise. 
Our Unique, innovative & new-age Strategies & Methods take on an analytical, systematic & mathematical approach to grow your business through the numbers. Solving modern-day objectives and every-day marketing problems, through cost-effective, transparent & provable digital solutions.
Seamlessly, Conveniently and Innovatively; Expanding Digital Horizons.







    Small and medium businesses now have access to their fair share of the market. SME's can now compete at a higher level within the economy for a fraction of the normal offline marketing price.


    ROI within the digital sphere is no longer just a ratio equation but a portfolio of engagement, subscriptions to website, followers and the conversion from clicks to sales. With digital marketing there is a more cost effective conversion per lead with a larger ROI potential.


    Convert more specific & targeted incoming online traffic into leads that are easier to nurture through online communication channels and most likely to develop into a sale. With a dedicated customer relations manager, your leads are constantly nurtured to ensure sales.


    Communicate at the touch of a button and build more personal customer relationships with targeted audiences at essential touch points that will ensure positive customer experiences, memorable brand stories & rapport with your consumers; enticing favourable action.


    Leverage passion & productivity; get a knowledgeable, focused and responsive team behind your brand that will deliver quality work and results which is more cost effective than an internal team, with lower maintenance.


    Get real-time feedback & learn to understand your consumer's wants and/or needs & more importantly – create a momentum by starting to cater to your millennial digital consumers for sustainable future sales.


    Increase trust with long & short term followers, likes, comments, shares, subscriptions and sales that invest into brand loyalty & exclusivity that build a lasting reputation, credibility and community for your brand.


    Be found faster & easier with targeted exposure that results in more reach & discovery to your audience's hands. Stay relevant with fresh content that attracts attention and establishes your brand as a voice that exudes expertise and authority.

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