Why You Need Digital Marketing In 2023

Businesses Fail Due To Sales

  • 96% of business fail in their first 10-years.
  • 80% Of Business owners say traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Contemporary Consumers

  • Need personalised and relatable experiences, messages, interactions & solutions that resonate with how they see the world & their specefic problems.
  • Are persauded by social proof in the form of reviews, positive comments, sharing and word-of-mouth.

Traditional vs. Digital

  • Mass Marketing Is Dead - Instead of the same generic message being promoted; Digital has nuanced and personalised messages based on consumers data points (Their Geographic, Psychographic & Demographics).
  • With Digital we get data on every single interaction; did they see the ad, did they open it up, did they click, for how long did they watch, etc.

Access To Consumers

  • Back in 2014, a total of 10 billion internet-connected devices existed in the world. Today, that number has more than trippled.
  • Data is now considered to be the globe's most valuable and vulnerable commodity

Organic Vs. Paid

  • Only 4% of the people who like your page or follow your profile see your organic social media posts.
  • In order to reach the other 96% of your followers, as well as millions of potential new customers - you must pay the social platforms for access to their users & their data.
  • Invest Into Historically Successful Strategies

    One only should invest using the best & primary fundamentals, with a highly-qualified team who has extensive knowledge & experience.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio

    One should have a diverse portfolio of platforms, efforts & strategies in order to mitigate risks & maximise returns.

  • Time In The Market Vs. Timing The Market

    With continuous rising inflation due to ad costs, new competitors in the market, interfering data policies & external world interruptions - One should invest sooner rather than later for a solidified online presence with exponential growth and compound interest.

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