Digital Marketing Cost: Outsourced Agency vs. Employing an in-house Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Cost: Outsourced Agency vs. Employing an in-house Digital Marketing Team

As a business owner, it’s important to make sound financial decisions, especially in such harsh economic times. The truth is, it’s not just about the cost – it’s about the value you receive for the cost of it, and how the value will impact your bottom line.

Having your own in-house team has some benefits like having complete control of your marketing efforts & the employee’s you have chosen that best fit your strategy. However, that means it’s up to you as a business owner to bring the team together, make them gel & set up a seamless operational marketing system & strategy with regular new campaigns. Even more so, at the end of the day – it’s your marketing team that is there to get your product and/or service out there and drive sales. So, making sure that your marketing efforts & expenses are cost-efficient, and can measure & prove return on investment – is crucial to your business’s growth & success.


A bespoke in-house digital marketing team consists of 4-5 people.

  1. Your digital marketing manager who will control the strategy & online advertising.
    1. According to PayScale the average salary is R317,051 a year.
  2. Your senior website developer who will manage, update & optimize your website, sales funnel & search engine optimization.
    1. According to PayScale the average salary is R405,986 a year.
  3. Your content writing guru & email marketer who will write copy for ads, social media, blogs, your online web pages & emails.
    1. According to PayScale the average salary is R323,694 a year.
  4. Your Social media manager who will manage your day-to-day posts and hyper-connected communication with your fans & customers.
    1. According to PayScale the average salary is R181,486 a year.
  5. And last but not least – your expert graphic designer & content creator who will be expected to create high-value content from photo’s, to video’s, to downloadable and more.
    1. According to PayScale the average salary is R249,792 a year.

So you’re already looking at R1,478,009 a year (R123,167 a month) and that’s excluding advertising budget, and with no guaranteed sales; not to mention the overheads like rental of office space, water & lights, the legalities of signing on an employee & the extra time needed to manage them.

Even more so, the honest truth is that our education system is not just letting down students, but it's letting down our businesses and our economy too. Digital marketing is a new adapted industry, that is constantly evolving (almost daily), and can be applied differently to almost every business. And while we are teaching the ‘up-and-coming’ millennial generation the various aspects of digital marketing; there is still a MASSIVE gap between skill & knowledge.

Even scholars who are graduating from some of the best private colleges with the first digital marketing degrees in South Africa, know what digital marketing is, but are unaware of how to actually apply it to an industry, incompetent in implementing an effective strategy & completely unable to manage the marketing presence as a whole in such a way that they are able to scale a business effectively by proving measurable return on investment.

We have been there, don’t that, hired them, fired them, and made the mistakes - so you don’t have to.

The 20-page Ultimate 6-Step Digital Marketing Lead-Generation Road Map to 10X-ROI in 90-days or less

So by now, you’ve started to question, “well, what’s the cost of an agency then?” We will be the first to tell you that some agencies charge a minimum of R75k a month and up to R500k a month. Of course, you’ll be able to find some cheap freelancers and smaller bespoke agencies that charge R5k-R10k, but do they really have the capability to manage a full digital marketing presence & help scale your business?

You may also be asking yourself, “What do these agencies provide you that your internal team can’t?” – absolutely nothing! They will charge you on everything they possibly can to make their best profits. And the measurable and provable return on investment? Non-existent.

The truth is – we were one of these agencies. We believe in our strategy from the digital marketing road map which highlights the importance of each facet in your online presence. From SEO to content, to social media, to online advertising. And by having to bespoke apply these things to your completely unique business & current online infrastructure – was complicated & expensive. So businesses would only satisfy half of the road map and that would be fatal to their overall presence. That’s until we found the perfect platform that seamlessly integrates all of the various digital marketing methods together.

Why are we telling you this? Because at New Age Explorer we pride ourselves on absolute integrity. We are here not to take your money, but to make you money. Our success as a business stems from being passionate about serving our clients & really understanding their business needs & life goals. We are your digital advisors that are confident in taking the responsibility to lead your business through the complexities of the new age.

While we provide new affordable qualified leads, improve brand awareness, grow sales, and last but not least, increase return on investment; our purpose is to equip businesses with a fully-integrated & seamless infrastructure that they need to engage new customers, communicate their brand story effectively and deliver their promise.


And how much would that cost you…

At New Age Explorer, we believe the first step is to establish a solid paid online advertising foundation.

You can find our Online Advertising Management Packages and Pricing our websites.

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